Pursuing Purpose

Equipping women to fearlessly pursue purpose, lead with confidence,  and live abundantly every area of their life!

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What We Offer

Purposed Prosperity

Discover your purpose and build the brand or business that will create prosperity in every area of your life. 

Leadership & Personal Development

Develop the mindset needed to live a life of abundance,  including key strategies for confident leadership and personal development. 

Systems and Productivity

Learn how to effectively develop and  implement the tools of the trade to gain clarity and increase productivity in business and in life. 

Purposed ~ Productive ~ Prosperous 

"I have excellent ideas and I am a big dreamer but have always struggled with making those dreams a reality. Working with Michele completely changed my life. I was able to take the chaos inside my brain and chart it out, turning dreams into attainable goals with action steps to reach those goals. "


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